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Some Revisions

Left is the old texture, right is the latest pass.  The texture treatment I'm trying is the same technique I used for my Corrupted.  I need to find a middle ground between this two, because I definitely like certain parts of the old one.

Gothic Cathedral:

 I tweaked the lighting a big, and I'm liking how its looking.  Working with lighting is funny, because all I did was change the directional light from an orange with saturation of .05, to a blue at .01.  The orange that's still there is from the bounce from the walls, which is what made the original orange light redundant and far too intense.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last Semester Recap

Gothic Church:

This one took the entirety of the semester and it was the one I was the most nervous about.  I may do some tweaks with the lighting before I post the final renders on my portfolio.  Its a bit too orange and the light direction and balance isn't quite right


Dominance War:

This one was a big deal for me, because I've never showed my work on these forums and this was the first time I had the guts to contribute something.  

Check out some of the other work:


This funny little thing was from my game production class.  Our final deliverable was a prototype, to earn the greenlight for production next semester.  I was in charge of the art direction, models, and textures.

This style is fun to work with, but tricky to get right.  I'm thinking about making the models more intricate, while keeping the textures simplistic.  Full-on production starts soon, so we'll see how it goes.

Check out the trailer:

There are some other stuff I don't have online or anywhere else, I'll try to sneak those in with some of my current stuff.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello World!

I'm going to be updating this blog weekly, putting my WIPs of personal and school projects.  I'll be using this blog as a public journal, documenting how I progress and serving as a place to think out loud.